Best dishwasher cleaner for hard water deposits and soap scum build-up
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Dishwasher Magic® breaks up and cleans away the food oils, minerals and soap build-up that can clog the filter screen, pump and jets inside the dishwasher. The excessive build-up starves the pump from exerting the necessary water pressure to effectively clean dishes during a cleaning cycle. By eliminating the excessive buildup, Dishwasher Magic® not only removes interior staining within your dishwasher, but also maintains the dishwasher by allowing optimal performance.

Q. Dishwasher Magic® claims that it disinfects, but what does it actually disinfect?
A. Dishwasher Magic® is an EPA registered disinfectant against salmonella, e-coli and gram-negative bacteria.

Q. Does Dishwasher Magic® dissolve limescale?
A. Limescale is insoluble in water and is resistant to the normal alkaline detergents used in dishwashers. The solution in Dishwasher Magic® increases the solubility of limescale and dissolves the soap scum and any food oils or greases left over from normal operation. After Dishwasher Magic® loosens the build-up clinging to the jets and interior walls, it is then flushed away by normal rinsing actions of the dishwasher and chelating properties of the product.

Q.How often should I use Dishwasher Magic®
A. It is recommended that Dishwasher Magic® be used once a month to properly maintain, but if you use your dishwasher on a more frequent basis, it may require additional uses per month.

When you run your dishwasher, the heating element inside keeps the water at an average temperature of 50+°C depending on make and model. The food oils (grease) and particles that are being removed from the dishes combine with the hot water and detergent. Soap, grease and limescale begin accumulating on the filter screen, starving the pump and spray arms of the velocity and quantity of water necessary to adequately clean your dishes.

As build-up increases, the cleaning performance of the dishwasher is impaired because water is no longer effectively circulated to the cleaning jets. Of course, the amount of build-up will depend on how often you use your dishwasher, how dirty your dishes are and how hard your water is. To ensure optimal performance, we recommend monthly use of Dishwasher Magic®.

Q. The wax plug will not melt, now what?
A. The water in the dishwasher needs to reach at least 50°C in order to completely melt the plug. If it is not melting, it's because the water inside the appliance is not getting hot enough. Try running the faucet closest to the dishwasher (presumably the kitchen sink) until the water runs hot, then begin the dishwasher cycle so it fills with hot water from the start. If the problem continues, check your water heater to be sure it is set at the proper temperature.

Q. If Dishwasher MagicŪ does not fit in my silverware basket, can I still use it?
A. Dishwasher Magic® is designed to fit all standard size silverware baskets. However, if it does not, you may still use the product. The bottle must be placed upside down on your lower dish rack. Use a rubber band and fasten the bottle to one of the prongs on your lower dish rack to hold it in place during the cycle.

Q. The solution never came out of the bottle when cycled through the dishwasher. Did I do something wrong?
A. Please ensure you met the following conditions while using Dishwasher Magic®:

  • The cap was removed exposing the wax plug.
  • Make sure you run on heavy cycle (i.e. pots & pans, sani, etc.)
  • The dishwasher must be connected to the hot water supply. If the connection is made, it could be because the water is not getting warm enough. Run the sink closest to the dishwasher until the water turns hot and then run the dishwasher. If the water does not reach 125°F, have a qualified person raise the temperature of the water heater accordingly.
  • The heating element must be properly working in your appliance. It may not start due to a timer problem, bad sensor or bad heating element. If this is the case, you should consult your local appliance service center.

Q. Can I leave my dishes in the dishwasher while using Dishwasher MagicŪ
A. Dishwasher Magic® may scratch or etch your dishes, most notably glassware. Because of this, we only recommend using Dishwasher Magic® with an empty dishwasher.

Q.Is Dishwasher Magic® safe for my septic system?
A.Yes, Dishwasher Magic® will not harm septic systems, plumbing or your appliance in any way.

Q.Is Dishwasher Magic safe for the environment?
A. Yes, all ingredients in Dishwasher Magic® are natural and the bottle is recyclable.

Q. Can this product be used with stainless steel dishwashers?
A. Yes, Dishwasher Magic® will clean your stainless steel to a lovely shine.

Q. Do you have a SDS (Safety Data Sheet) available for this product?
A. A UK SDS can be found here. If you require International MSDS sheets please visit here.